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Our impressions from the most beautiful seasons.

Our impressions from the village and from the slopes.

Discover Alpbach – Europe’s most beautiful flower village Nestled in the breathtaking backdrop of the Tyrolean Alps, Alpbach unfolds its incomparable charm, which has made it the “most beautiful flower village in Europe”. This place enchants with its traditional Tyrolean wooden architectural style and the lovingly decorated balconies that shine with the most colorful flowers. The dedication of its residents to highlight the beauty of nature with great attention to detail makes every corner of Alpbach a living work of art. A symbiosis of tradition and nature Alpbach's architecture is deeply rooted in tradition and follows strict building principles that ensure that all buildings are in harmony with their natural surroundings. The uniform construction with dark wood, stone foundations and partially shingled roofs gives the village a timeless look that fascinates visitors from all over the world. This unique architecture underlines Alpbach's commitment to preserving its cultural identity and scenic beauty. Winter sports paradise and hiking dream For skiers and snowboarders, Alpbach offers immaculate slopes and breathtaking panoramas. In summer, the mountains transform into a hiker's paradise, with trails leading through flowering meadows and tranquil forests. Culinary journey through the region Alpbach is also a mecca for lovers of regional cuisine. Traditional Tyrolean specialties await you in cozy alpine huts, prepared from local ingredients and served with a touch of warmth. An oasis of calm As a break from everyday life, Alpbach offers peace and relaxation in the majestic backdrop of the Alps. The Natural Deluxe Apartments are your perfect retreat to recharge your batteries. Meeting place for thinkers and visionaries Through the European Forum Alpbach and numerous inspiring congresses, Alpbach becomes a venue for exchange and innovation. These events provide a platform for forward-looking discussions in a uniquely inspiring environment. Your gateway to an unforgettable experience Discover Alpbach in all its facets with the Natural Deluxe Apartments: Embark on culinary journeys of discovery, enjoy the tranquility of nature, be inspired by the local architecture and immerse yourself in the lively culture and tradition of this extraordinary place. Alpbach is waiting to be discovered by you - a village that carries its heart in every flowery balcony and every traditional house.

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