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Welcome to the Natural Deluxe Apartments Alpbach in the Tyrolean Alps, where tradition meets modernity and warm hospitality meets sustainability. Behind our doors you will not only find accommodation, but a family who passionately cares about making every moment of your stay unforgettable.

The heart of our house beats in the hands of Matthias Margreiter and his partner Rainer Keplinger. Together they run the Natural Deluxe Apartments with an attention to detail and a dedication that can only come from true passion. As the second generation in the host family, Matthias has taken over the helm from his parents and is building on the solid foundation of 50 years of hospitality that was once known as “Haus Karwendelstein”.

With a deep understanding of their guests' needs and an eye for something special, Matthias and Rainer ensure that every guest feels like part of the family. Their love for their job and the house can be felt in every detail, from the careful selection of furnishings to the personal care they give their guests.

History is alive in the Natural Deluxe Apartments Alpbach - a story of people who put their hearts into this place. Matthias, with the values of hospitality in his veins, and Rainer, with his sense of beauty and comfort, complement each other perfectly. Together they carry the tradition and values of their company into the future.

Visit us and experience the warmth and authenticity of hospitality that is deeply rooted in the values of the Margreiter and Keplinger families. The Natural Deluxe Apartments Alpbach are more than just a place to stay - they are a home that is waiting for you with open arms.


The Natural Deluxe Apartments Alpbach are now in their second generation. Matthias Margreiter took over the "Haus Karwendelstein" from his parents Hedwig and Peter Margreiter and now runs the house with his partner Rainer. He has transformed the house from a bed and breakfast into a modern house with apartments that are in line with modern standards and sustainable travel.

Here you can see historical views of the “Haus Karwendelstein”.

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